Our History

Klazmer Financial Group was founded in 1954 by Bernie Klazmer, a recent college graduate trained as a math teacher.  Looking to earn extra money during his summers, Bernie began to sell insurance part-time.  He discovered that he had an aptitude for the business and soon found himself lauded as the top agent with New York Life in the Philadelphia area.

Years later, Bernie traced his success to a conversation he had with his first managing partner.  When he asked what it would take to be successful in the business, the managing partner told him to “make ten calls every day.”  Bernie was fond of saying, “If it only took making ten calls a day to be successful, I figured it couldn’t hurt to make twelve.”  Bernie made this his personal policy and called twelve prospective clients per day, every day, for his entire forty-five-year career.

Bernie’s business and reputation grew rapidly.  His proficiency and success gained him widespread recognition.  Klazmer Financial Group expanded even further when Bernie’s sons, Gary and Brian, joined him in the business in 1985 and 1986, respectively.  Following in their father’s footsteps, Gary and Brian, who were raised in the industry, soon made names for themselves as well.

In order to house a larger staff, Klazmer Financial Group purchased a building at our current suburban-Philadelphia location in 1990.  In 1993, the trio was acclaimed by New York Life as only the second family in the company’s 155-year history to achieve Chairman’s Council designation, the highest level of success, within the same year.  Bernie retired in 1999 and, sadly, passed away in 2006.

As we move forward, Gary and Brian continue to further their father’s legacy.  They are looking forward to welcoming the third generation to Klazmer Financial Group in the coming years. With a wonderful support staff, an ever-growing pool of clients and a well-respected name, the future of Klazmer Financial Group is bright.