Insurance Policy Reviews

Over the last twenty years, permanent life insurance policies have not performed as anticipated.  Dividends on whole life policies and interest rates on universal life policies have been reduced due to the low interest-rate environment.  Investment returns significantly below historical averages have negatively impacted variable life policies. These factors have resulted in either additional out-of-pocket premium payments or the increased risk of lapse on many permanent life insurance policies.

Term insurance policies require periodic review because of improved mortality costs and aggressive pricing.

Medical underwriting has become far more sophisticated and liberalized, broadening access to affordable rates for those with past medical conditions.

The current market offers tremendous opportunities to improve your existing insurance program.

At Klazmer Financial Group, we specialize in analyzing our prospective clients’ insurance portfolios, determining the quality of the insurance carriers, the longevity of the projected coverage and the cost-effectiveness of the insurance program.  In many cases, we have been able to guarantee the full death benefit, while reducing or eliminating the premium outlay.  In recognition of our expertise, Klazmer Financial Group has performed policy reviews for the clients of major law, accounting and investment advisory firms.